Would One Bullet
  • Would One Bullet
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 Would One Bullet End Hundreds of
Years of White Supremacy
The Documented Assassination of
President George W. Bush

This poem was in response to a series of phone calls I received from the secret service for a painting/collage I did last year. The collage was title “Would One Bullet End Hundreds Of Years Of White Supremacy” and had an image of George W. Bush with a target around his face. After my lawyer spoke to the secret service agent and they stopped harassing me for an interview, I sat down to create a poem I thought would push my skills further than I had explored before.

I released this poetry single in Washington D.C. It took me a lot to write and it was only when I felt uncomfortable about writing it that I actually put it on paper. When you write something like this and are apart of a community organization you have to be responsible for what you put out, but I thought it was important to fill this void so I created it. Hope you enjoy and keep an ear out for the remix with the one the only D.J Ozone.

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